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Write a review. Review by: Anonymous. Review by: Carl. It took about 3 days to build,a few hours a day.

1 meter dlg glider

The wood is good and the laser cutting excellent. All the parts fit perfectly,very nice to build.

1 meter dlg glider

Take your time lining up the wing ribs to avoid having to undo them. I fiberglassed the bottom of the fues and around the rear where the carbon boom exits. I also put carbon fiber on the rudder,fin,elevator and stab.

I hope it flies as well as it was to build. Great bargain. The kit arrived very quickly, 4days to the US in perfect condition. I have been building model airplanes for 70 yrs and am very impressed with the kit.

It was in a nice box, good looking laser cut balsa and hardware. This is the 3rd kit I purchased from Hyperflight and all the transactions were perfect. Thank you Hyperflight. Review by: Florian. Great glider and easy to build following the step by step instructions from the photo album.

Very fast delivery and great experience. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to enter in the DLG world. Review by: Russell. Finnally got round to building the Alt Dlg.

With help of build log, easy to build and almost perfect laser cutting. Trailing edge needed thin cyno to stiffen it up, everything else good. Perfect intro to DLG and building. Emax 4 gram servos are a squeeze and need lower cases removed to fit. Review by: GP. Some of the wood choices were odd - quarter grain for the trailing edge? The carbon boom on mine was split which I didn't notice until after I'd built it, Neil sent me some SC to repair it but it simply splits somewhere else next launch so will probably need to replace it at some point.The ELF is a small discus-launch glider ideal for sport flying while on travel or in your neighborhood park.

Drela's HLG glider design, the Apogee. Due to it's low weight, with a scant wing loading of 2. Pod - Features a transparent yellow or white injection-molded pod. A custom carbon boom is connected into the pod, on which the receiver battery a one-cell mAh LiPo pack with an integrated charging circuittwo servos and the receiver are mounted on.

A removable nose cone allows for easy access to RC components. Wing - Carbon D-Box construction and carbon-capped balsa ribs combined with a vertical balsa grain spar provide a stout one-piece wing. A carbon "T" launching blade that is capable of being installed on either wing, allows for comfortable launches. The wing is professionally covered in Violet, Blue or Red Oracover to provide strength and stiffness.

Tail - The tail surfaces are composed of light-weight foam, which is reinforced with carbon, fiberglass and then vacuum-bagged.

A one-gram miniature v-mount allows for the full flying stabilizer to give the pilot infinite pitch control. Carbon push-rods are pre-installed.Handlaunch Sailplanes Handlaunch sailplanes, Hand-Launch Gliders or " HLG " are smaller sized planes that typically weigh between 6 and 15 ounces, but any plane that you feel comfortable throwing into the air could be classified as a "handlaunch".

These sailplanes are launched merely by throwing hard to get altitude, or by using a towing mechanism from the ground such as a long rubber band known as a hi-start or with an electric winch. HLGs also are great on small slopes with minimal wind as they're able to stay aloft with very little lift.

Airflow 1 Meter Discus Launch Glider w/ 4 DS319HV ARF

While HLGs can be more difficult to construct due to their lighter construction, their ability to teach soaring skills has no equal. HLGs are sometimes entirely built of light balsa, while others can and are built of a composite of carbon fiber, epoxy, balsa and foam; in different combinations.

Which is the best construction for an HLG plane? It depends on the design of the plan form and the correct use of the composite technology. I've personally owned more than 20 planes that you could say were in the handlaunch category. I didn't know these planes I built before were "handlaunch" at the time circaas I had never heard of the term until the early 80's. I scratch built most of them using my own airfoil design I didn't know who Michael Selig was either.

You need to try to BAMF

I created the airfoils by drawing them by hand on a piece of thin plywood and sanding the shape until the airfoil seemed about right. Some flew better than others, but I didn't ask why, I just flew them and built more I rarely built V-Tail designs until years later as there weren't any computer radios out yet and the only way I knew to do a V-Tail was to use a mechanical "mixer" to do it.

Now there are many different ways to do V-Tail controls, either by using an electronic mixer or mixing right inside the radio. The same technique used in setting up elevons can be used in a V-Tail configuration as well. And some of the kits offer either a conventional tail or a V-Tail in the same kit. Personally, I prefer conventional tail configurations as you sometimes get strange flying effects when turning sharply with some V-Tail designs - your mileage and opinions may vary!

Here are some tidbits to carry around in your mind as you dream of flying your HLG: An HLG is usually flown close to you, therefore you can see it better. And you will learn how to read the air better. An HLG can be very responsive to lift and sink absence of or negative lift.

Alula-TREK kit

Again, you will learn quickly to read the air determining whether or not your plane is in lift or sink. Thermals near the ground are smaller and more defined.

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Close to the ground, it is harder to locate and stay in a lifting thermal, and you will have to learn to find and stay with a thermal by skill; unless you have infrared vision! Instant feedback: short flights teach you where and how not to fly. There is a big difference between a 15 second flight and a 40 second flight. HLGs are classy. It takes a real pilot to keep an HLG glider aloft. More about HLGsThe thought that one can hand launch a model glider to ft altitude seems amazing — but is possible with Discus Launch Gliders DLGs.

To launch one holds the glider by a finger grip on a wing tip and then one spins around as throwing a discus. With the gliders weighing around g 11oz the 25g force comes out at 7. Also look at my flight later in this instruction. The need for high strength, light weight and clean aerodynamics means that a composite built model is needed.

1 meter dlg glider

I had started with a cheap HobbyKing model with conventional covered balsa wings which was great for testing interest but was higher drag and hence gave poor launch heights. Hence shorter flights and less time to find some lift.

The kits comes with the moulded wings and fuselage complete and with hardware to build the control linkages. The rudder also has to be attached to the fuselage - that was a bit more difficult with my kit.

1 meter dlg glider

The mount for the all moving tail has to be glued in place. However the major activity is installing the radio gear and control hardware. I did several things differently to the instructions in order to save weight and make a neat installation. I hope some of these will be useful to other builds of DLG kits.

In particular I mounted all 4 servos in the nose to reduce the nose weight required and hence reduce the overall weight. I also used a neater, more maintainable and lighter servo mounting system. The control horns were all replaced with lighter carbon ones and their length was carefully set to match the servo arm length and movement that was possible within the confines of the nose cone.

Before starting I weighed and found the centre of gravity COG for each of the parts, plus servos, radio and battery. I put these into a spreadsheet so I could see where the final model COG was likely to be. From this it became clear that I would need less nose weight if I put the aileron servos in the nose rather than the wings.

I had seen comments on doing this but no examples— a gap that I hope this instructable fills.Write a review. Review by: Thomas Petersen. First of all, great service at Hyperflight thanks. This is a small fragile plan. A bit difficult build. There is very little room for servos, batt and receiver.

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There is no manual for this plane which I would have loved to have had. Flies great, can handle tough landings. Review by: Ludovic. Perfect, fast and spot on service! Neil kept aside my order during the week time it took to pass through my bank security check for international bank transfers. Many thanks!

H-King Raven 1500 DLG Glider 1500mm (PNP)

Beautiful manufacturing for the price! Review by: Marc. Review by: Marek. Review by: Russell dove. Hawk arrived well packaged and delivered quickly as allways.

Funikulierius vilniuje darbo laikas

The quality of the hawk is brilliant. Launches high flys well. I love my hawk and fly most of time. Build was nice and easy little bit fiddly getting servos in fuse. Would highly recommend. Review by: Paul Ellis. Both times service was very quick. Will be using hyperflight again for further purchases. Review by: Terje Lindtveit. Extremely fast and good service!Stay safe everyone and thank you for your business during these challenging times!

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HobbyKing Super Daily - 1.5M Discus Launch Glider

BlueBird Frames. Futaba Frames. Graupner Frames. Hacker Ditex Frames. Hitec Frames. Hyperion Frames. KST Frames.Continue to Shop or Checkout. Stay safe. Contact info armsoar. Please message us for more information on the BAMF 2. That, is the BAMF. Designed with a higher aspect ratio and smaller area wing, the BAMF launches like nothing else and cuts through turbulence with ease.

And thinks to its light weight and low wing loading, it will also slow down and work light bubbly thermals, and let you throw all weekend without a sore back on Monday.

How many hours have you spent in the workshop fiddling with the build? We want you to go fly, and fiddle less. Easy to build, the straight and direct linkages creating less unnecessary stress on the hinge and small parts means less maintenance and higher reliability. The nosecone design allows all electronic components to be easily accessed, and all servos are screwed-in to the servo tray allowing for effortless servo swaps that you can even do at the field if the need ever arises.

Construction To create the highest quality model possible, we have partnered with one of the best DLG buildrs in the world. All parts are made in precision-milled CNC molds. Wings and tails are solid core Rohacell and carbon skins, while the complete fuselage is molded in one piece including the tail mounts. Being such a thin wing, the structural stiffness and integrity are both extremely important.

As a result we have settled for nothing but the best - large UMS40 spar caps connected through the wing with a vertical carbon shear web.

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Flaperons are reinforced with massive doublers for additional torsional stiffness. With the latest advancements in materials and fabrication, we have been able to keep the weights incredibly low.


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1 meter dlg glider
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